KFC brings Macau-style egg tarts to Singapore

KFC brings Macau-style egg tarts to Singapore

After getting raved about in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, the Colonel finally deigns to deliver Portuguese egg tarts here
KFC Egg Tarts
Now in Singapore -- one of the tastiest ways to choke up your arteries.

They're sweet, creamy, flaky and according to the promotional posters, made "with the original Margaret Wong recipe from Macau." After becoming really popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, the fast food giant is finally introducing KFC Egg Tarts to local stores.

For less calorie-crazy foodies, KFC Egg Tarts follows the classic Portuguese baked recipe that Macau made famous, with the signature caramelized sugar coating on top of the creamy and smooth egg custard in crispy fluffy pastry.

Already, foodies are abuzz about it online. Singapore's resident 'AngryAngMo' stumbled across the new offerings and it is suffice to say that KFC Egg Tarts managed to turn AngryAngMo into HappyAngMo that fateful day. Tammy Tay from Ohsofickle tried them out as well and found that they were "way above my expectation! Very crispy and fluffy on the outside. The custard was super smooth, creamy and not too sweet!"

KFC Egg Tarts are priced at S$1.30 per piece or a box of six for S$7.50. Check www.kfc.com.sg for a full list of outlets where they're available.

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