Singapore magic duo to predict winning lottery numbers

Singapore magic duo to predict winning lottery numbers

JC Sum and 'Magic Babe' Ning open the year by predicting the winning 4D lottery
JC Sum and "Magic Babe" Ning
Singapore's best known magician pair's predictive illusion is part of their nightly show at St James Power House

The well-known magician duo of J C Sum and 'Magic Babe' Ning will attempt a feat that should draw the attention of every lottery addict and millionaire hopeful in Singapore -- predicting the winning numbers of Singapore's most well-known weekly lottery, the 4D draw.

This Friday January 22, at 8.30pm, the pair will perform the first part of their performance in front of a live audience, sealing their four-digit number prediction in a giant red packet (红包) which will be placed into a plastic clear tube. It will then be locked into a see-through tamper-proof aluminum container that goes into yet another outer Plexiglass box. The whole contraption will be sealed, verified and signed by a representative of the Singapore Tourism Board.

The prediction will remain sealed and left suspended above the ground, in front of St James Power Station’s main entrance for the next six days, for viewing by the public. Additional security cameras and security personnel will be deployed to ensure that the set-up is kept safe and not tampered with.

On the following Wednesday, J C & Ning will open the chest and reveal their prediction, once the official 4D results are drawn by Singapore Pools, organizers of the weekly 4D draw.

Will it be a winner? Probably, otherwise there's no point to the show, but there's one fatal flaw to the premise of the performance -- if they can predict the winning numbers, why are they still hamming it up for an audience instead of sipping mai-tais in their private island in the Maldives?

getting there

J C & Ning's Impossible 4D Prediction
Part One - January 22, 8.30pm, St James Power Station main entrance
Part Two - January 27, 6.30pm, The Boiler Room
St James Power Station, 3 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore

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