Interview: Sam Ross, master bartender

Interview: Sam Ross, master bartender

All the way from New York’s Milk and Honey, award-winning bartender Sam Ross doles out advice on -- what else? -- the perfect cocktail
Master bartender Sam Ross
Sam Ross won Martin Miller’s Gin USA & UK Master’s in 2009 and received of StarChef’s Rising Star Award in 2008.

Sam Ross, guest bartender from New York’s Milk and Honey, was in town to host a range of events alongside Tippling Club’s head bartender Matthew Bax and chef Ryan Clift. CNNGo caught up with the master mixologist to get his take on Singapore cocktails and celebrity drinks.

CNNGo: What do you think of the Singapore Sling?

Sam Ross: When made well, simply delicious. I'm especially a fan of the Tippling Club's version.

CNNGo: How would you remix the Singapore Sling differently?

Ross: Nothing really. I would only ever use fresh juices though -- nothing canned. 

CNNGo: What is your signature cocktail?

Ross: Penicillin. [A blend of Scotch single malt, fresh lemon juice, honey-ginger syrup and candied ginger]

CNNGo: What is the one ingredient that you can’t do without?

Ross: Angostura bitters.

CNNGo: Does stemware make a difference to the quality of a cocktail?

Ross: Appropriate glassware can only enhance the aesthetic aspect.

CNNGo: What makes a cocktail good, as compared with a average one?

Ross: Over dilution with poor ice. Also, it's vital to always use fresh juices -- and good quality spirits.

CNNGo: What cocktail would you mix for Lady Gaga?

Ross: Lady who? 

CNNGo: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew?

Ross: Two old-fashioneds -- one for him and one for me. 

CNNGo: David Letterman?

Ross: In his current predicament, I'm not sure alcohol is the answer!

CNNGo: If you were to mix a cocktail for CNNGo, what would be it be?

Ross: [Laughs] Are you journalists still into the "three martini lunches"?