Singapore 'thief' outruns one of world's fastest men

Singapore 'thief' outruns one of world's fastest men

A mysterious Singapore boy grabbed Asafa Powell's bag and outran him in a mad dash -- what's going on?

Actually we're not surprised. Wouldn't you run like the wind if this guy was chasing after you, mad as hell? Youtube video from vanessa92ish.

It's a strange video clip -- a local boy walks past Asafa Powell, one of the fastest sprinters in history, grabs his backpack and makes like a roadrunner down the street with the Jamaican sprinter in hot pursuit but unable to catch up. Is the teenager on some concoction of speed and steroids to antagonize the Olympic runner so brazenly? 

Asafa PowellPowell with YOG mascots Lyo and MerlyThe place looks suspiciously like some part of the Central Business District, and the only clue we have is that the teenage boy's wearing a "2010" t-shirt. There's a ton of buzz going on in the online space, with people wondering if it was really Asafa or some lookalike, if the boy was really that fast, where were the police and if this was all some hoax or clever fakery.

Well, wonder no more. The clip was part of a viral campaign engineered to raise awareness of the Youth Olympics, and filmed while Powell was in Singapore to promote the inaugural YOG event. According to Marketing magazine, the video was first seen on a UK blog titled "Boy Beats Asafa" (which was deliberately made to look like an average teenager's blog), seeded on youth forums and runners' sites, as well as through social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Youtube. It garnered 300,000 views in two weeks, and the viral aspect folded up on April 28 when a follow-up video of Powell was revealed on the official YOG site.

Cleverly done by the YOG folks. To follow more news and developmens on the Youth Olympic Games, click down to