You've been warned -- 10 grossest foods in Singapore

You've been warned -- 10 grossest foods in Singapore

It's the local version of the "Fear Factor" taste test as we round up the nastiest dishes around
Stir-fried pig fallopian tubes
The Chinese will eat almost any part of the pig -- yes, even the fallopian tubes.

It's funny how often many of us don't think about what we put in our mouths. Well, forget the fridge, throw out the cookbooks and get out the sick bags, as we round up 10 of the grossest delicacies you'll never forget.

Stir-fried pig fallopian tubesStir-fried pig fallopian tubes

1. Stir-fried pig fallopian tubes

The very thought of eating fallopian tubes will have most recoiling in horror, but imagine the bragging rights you'll earn. The texture is almost crunchy and springy but yielding to the bite. The chopped tubes carry kung pao sauce particularly well.

2. Stinky fermented tofu

Possibly Asia's answer to stinky cheese. This is tofu fermented in a brine (sometimes with maggots on top). The resulting potent smell will make you wonder if an open sewer is nearby! However, take a brave bite and you'll find the taste surprisingly mild.

3. Pig's brain soup

Pig's brain soupPig's brain soup

Just what the doctor ordered! For Frankenstein, that is. Clumps of creamy white brain suspended in peppery broth sounds like horror food, but eating this will supposedly improve your brain cells.

4. Paru-paru

Beef lungs or "paru" as they are called in Malay-- these are black, leathery-looking slices, complete with whitish little holes (bronchial tubes). You'll find this often served at nasi padang stalls.

5. Deep-fried scorpions

It takes guts to crunch that shiny black carapace complete with deadly stinger tail. Supposedly good for rheumatism, twitches and convulsions, but some people may start convulsing at the mere suggestion of eating scorpions.

6. Braised pig intestines and rectum

Braised pig intestines Braised pig intestines

Yes, it's all edible-- small, large intestines and even the rectum! Interestingly, the Chinese call the rectum the "head" of the large intestines. Cleaning offal is hard work but essential in getting rid of the foul smells. Often served with braised pig skin, tongue and pig ears which have great crunchy cartilage.

7. Braised chicken feet

"Phoenix Claws" or braised chicken feet, a popular dim sum item and yet even some locals find these disgusting. Fear not, the scaly exterior of the feet have been removed, leaving the edible skin and tendons. And if you like cartilage, you'll be happy to gnaw them off the many little joints.

8. Turtle soup

Turtle soupTurtle soup

Like many exotic dishes, turtle soup is touted as an aphrodisiac. That's if you're not turned off by chopped turtle paws and claws swimming in murky herbal soup. Those who prize gelatinous skin and shell will probably take better to this dish.

9. Hashima

Hasma or Hashima is the oviduct fat of forest frog, or snow frog glands. Often used in Chinese desserts, this prized delicacy is not as gross as it sounds. The soft, puffy, whitish strands are basically tasteless on their own, but add texture and a touch of luxury. It's reputedly good for the complexion, lungs and kidneys.

10, Century eggs

Century eggCentury egg

The ammonia smell of century eggs, literally translated as "thousand year eggs", probably led to the rumor that they are cured in horse urine! However, that's just a myth (urine is not alkaline enough to cure the eggs). Century eggs are widely popular as an appetizer with pickled ginger, or chopped up and cooked in congee.

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