Bear minds its own business, gets filmed

Bear minds its own business, gets filmed

Now even bears can't go for a late-night stroll about town without footage being uploaded to the Internet
It could be a bear, or a human in costume, or some very clever video editing skills?

Somewhere along Ulu Pandan Road there could be a bear on the loose.

Yes, you read right, a bear.

Civil engineer Wilson Tay was driving home with his son when he spotted something loitering around a rubbish bin. A video of the furry fiend has been posted on Stomp.  

According to a Channel News Asia report, it was “the height of an average adult human being.”

Wildlife Reserves Singapore says no bear has gone missing from the Singapore Zoo or the Night Safari. 

A browse around the forums has also thrown forth the suggestion that this could be the work of a prankster dressed in a bear costume. 

With Halloween around the corner, it's certainly a possibility… or a clever marketing stunt.

Regardless, should you come across this alleged bear, we’ve summarized these six handy tips from

1. Talk quietly or not at all, try to detour around the bear if possible.
2. Your first impulse will be to run. Hold on to that thought and back up slowly, stop if it agitates the bear.

3. In a man versus beast situation, it’s best to assume a non-threatening posture i.e. make yourself smaller or turn sideways.
4. Look out of the corner of your eyes, bears interpret direct eye contact as threatening.
5. Drop something, preferably not food or pot of honey, to distract the bear.
6. If the bear does make contact, get into a fetal position, protect your chest, stomach and neck and do not move till the bear has moved on.


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