Singapore: A model for the world to follow

Singapore: A model for the world to follow

Can Singapore house the world's population? The Singapore Pavilion at the 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice suggests it can

The Singapore PavilionThe Singapore Pavilion for the 12th Architectural Biennale in Venice.Singapore

Population: 5 million. Land mass: 710 square kilometers. Future projected population: 6.5 million. Future projected landmass: 710 square kilometers.

Multiply Singapore's population by 1,000 and you get 6.5 billion, the world's population. Multiply its landmass by 1,000 and that makes up 0.5 percent of the world's land area.

Conclusion? If the world was built and planned like Singapore, the world's population could fit into 0.5 percent of the earth's total land area, or 1,000 Singapores.

A seemingly incredulous concept but a closer look at "1000 Singapores: A Model of the Compact City," Singapore's entry for the 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice, and the idea becomes a possibility.

The exhibit, a 35-meter-long structure made out of ventilated bricks contains a model built to a scale of 1:1000.

Mounted on the walls are 1,000 postcard-sized photographs, sketches and graphs detailing the different aspects of The Lion City: its people, architecture, housing, culture and landscape.

The end result is a suggestion on how to house high-density populations over small areas -- only a third of Singapore is built up -- a scenario many cities worldwide are currently facing.

"I love my work/live space in Singapore," says photographer Jing Quek, who contributed numerous color photographs to the project.

"I live in a 10-story building, and I am a big fan of high-rises. Working on this project gives a clearer picture on the planning behind the daily living spaces we take for granted.

"With good planning I believe we can further enhance the living conditions and experience within Singapore, even as we get denser."

Singapore housingA high-density city, Singapore makes the most of its 710 square kilometers of space.Jing QuekPhotographer Jing Quek's snapshot of the 5 million people who make up Singapore.Singapore CBDThe heart of Singapore: the CBD area.

HDB SingaporeAn illustration of how 80 percent of the country's residents are dispersed.HDB SingaporeA sketch of a 145 square meter HDB flat. Eighty percent of Singaporeans live in HDB flats, sizes of which vary from 60 to 145 square meters.Jing QuekPhotographer Jing Quek's tongue-in-cheek depiction of the city's cyclists.

The Singapore PavilionScaled-down models and photographs illustrate how Singaporeans reside.Singapore PavilionA look inside the Singapore Pavilion.