Singapore now even cooler: Jet Li is officially one of us

Singapore now even cooler: Jet Li is officially one of us

Action superstar Jet Li has confirmed he's a citizen of Singapore
Jet Li
Hong Kong may have great bars and pretty beaches, but we've got Jet Li!

We are one person closer to the Singapore government's dream number of a 6.5 million population.

Actually, he could count for three or four lesser mortal folk. Yesterday, action superstar Jet Li publicly confirmed that he's taken up Singapore citizenship after much speculation since June 2009.

According to a report by, Li cited the absence of the paparazzi, the social stability and the opportunities presented for his children to be actively bilingual as key reasons for him taking up citizenship.

See it's not so bad being known as "geek central."

While he did not say if he has given up his United States and Chinese nationalities, the law in Singapore forbids citizens from holding dual passports.

Li, who has set up a Singapore office for this charity One Foundation, expressed amusement at all the media attention surrounding his announcement.

"This is funny because I have been holding a U.S. passport and staying in the United States for 20 years, nobody said anything about it. Now I come to Singapore, everybody seems to be curious to know why I'm coming here."

Honestly, we don't care why he's here, we're just glad he is.

Who's next? Zhang ZiYi?