More free stuff: The SG Election application

More free stuff: The SG Election application

How do you get an apathetic nation interested in the upcoming general elections? Create a free iPhone application for it

General Election iPhone app With one nifty swish, you'll have access to all the heart-stopping breaking news from the 2011 Singapore Elections.Singaporeans love free stuff.

Whether it's free tissues, free samples of toothpaste or free tampons, anything goes.

So you can bet they'll be clamoring for the special iPhone SG Election application created by local daily, The Straits Times.

While it's likely that the majority of the masses will not care about minute-to-minute election happenings, The Straits Times' editor Han Fook Kwang remains hopeful.

"There's lots of breaking news through the day during this general election period and the iPhone is really the ideal device to keep tab of all that's happening when you're on the go," says Han.

He adds that the Straits Times' iPhone app has been downloaded nearly 350,000 times since it was launched in 2007.

Here are some of the app's features:

Breaking news: Get real-time news on the various parties and candidates, including real time results on Polling Day, May 7.

Videos: See and hear how candidates (Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling should be particularly popular) perform and handle themselves in interviews.

Rallies: Find out where and when political rallies will be held.

Blogs: Read The Straits Times journalists' take on campaign issues.

The app is available for download from today from iTunes.

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