Behind the scenes with the Singapore Girl

Behind the scenes with the Singapore Girl

A series of behind the scenes ad spots offers the world a peek into the magic and mystique of the Singapore Airlines icon

There are many ways to sell an airline.

For Virgin Atlantic its all about sex and glamor -- as seen by its recent campaign ad -- and publicity stunts by its owner Richard Branson.

Ryan Air prefers to stick firmly to its low-cost tag, providing rock-bottom fares but excessive charges for anything non-seat related.

While others like Singapore Airlines stays true to its tried and tested strategy of marketing the Singapore Girl as its icon, building on her grace, hospitality and humility.

Now the airline is offering the world a peek into her mystique through a series of behind the scenes ad spots showcasing the sarong kebaya clad hostess in San Francisco, China, India and Paris.

Lasting less than a minute each, the ads were conceptualized and shot by creative agency TBWA at the end of 2010. In a move to drum up some buzz, the spots have been pre-loaded on video-sharing websites such as YouTube as a lead-up to the airing of the commercial in early February. 

"The iconic Singapore Girl has long been a cornerstone of the Singapore Airlines brand philosophy and world-class service standards," said the airline when asked about the creative concept of the ad spots.

"She's known for her warm Asian hospitality and affable, caring ways. The new campaign seeks to reinforce the notion that her unmatched hospitality feels at home no matter where you go."

While some may argue that the ads -- soft and romantic in feel -- are hardly groundbreaking creatively speaking, more emotive than eye-catching, quaint rather than modern, the spots have gained online traction with comments reflecting the strength of its soft touch.

"Welcome back to the famous SQ girl, she is the only iconic fiqure that differenciates SQ from other airlines."

"I just flew round trip from Singapore to Kolkata, India on Singapore Airlines! This video sure does bring back vast memories!

Guess if a strategy ain't broke, there's no need to fix it.