Singapore's best ice kachang

Singapore's best ice kachang

Beat the heat and your sweet cravings with Singapore's best bowls of ice kachang

Singapore's best ice kachang -- Recommended: Mei Heong Yuen

Mei Heong YuenMei Heong Yuen's use of snow ice makes all the difference.

While the traditional roadside ice kachang used to be composed of blended ice, modern technology has brought about clever variations such as snow ice, shards of ice that are thinner than pencil shavings. 

At Mei Heong Yuen, a tong shui eatery, there are various scrumptious renditions, such as the popular mango shaved ice and cendol shaved ice. 

“There’s [also] coconut-milk flavored ice, shaved really thin, with red beans and attap chee and cendol bits, and the best thing is you get to squeeze a bottle of gula melaka to drizzle on yourself," says expert panel member and cookbook author Christopher Tan.

65-67 Temple Street, +65 6221 1156. Monday-Friday 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 10:30 a.m.-10 p.m. 

Singapore's best ice kachang -- Recommended: Hollywood Desserts

Hollywood DessertsHollywood Desserts' volcano ice kachang is a superstar.The queues are almost as great as the flavors at this fantastic dessert stall. And while you may be tempted to jump the line, don't, the owner will tell you off. 

“He is generous with the attap chee, and has mastered the perfect balance between the evaporated milk and rose syrup," says expert panel member and celebrity photographer Dominic Khoo. "It all comes together in a melange of flavors."

For Khoo and his friends the ultimate special order is the volcano ice kachang, half a watermelon with its flesh scraped out piled on shaved ice studded with all the ice kachang ingredients. It’s enough to cool any fever and satiate any cravings. 

There are also localized chendol variations such as the D24 chendol. The durian puree is made from D24 durians (the Rolls Royce of durians), and the red beans -- mushy yet firm -- are always a winner. 

#01-66 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Blk 207 New Upper Changi Road. Open Thursday-Tuesday noon-midnight

Singapore's best ice kachang -- Winner: Qing Tian Hot & Cold Desserts

Qing Tian Hot & Cold DessertsQing Tian Hot & Cold Desserts aren't too pretty to eat.There are two things at this stall that capture the attention of any passer-by -- the amount of Mickey Mouse memorabilia, and the break-dancing routine of hawker Lim Bok Ann, to Hokkien music, no less.

The dancing, Lim reckons, is the secret ingredient to his 40 plus desserts. He says that when he dances, work doesn’t feel like work and it also entertains his customers and puts them in a good mood. 

“While entertainment is an important factor, what makes the difference is the fact that he prepares all the ingredients for the desserts himself," says expert panel member Eric Teo who is the president of the Singapore Chefs’ Association.

"Whether it’s the red bean for the ice kachang, or the essentials for cheng teng, this hawker gets up early in the morning to ensure that everything is prepared by hand." 

"His ice for the kachang is also finely shaved, which melts instantly when you put each spoonful into your mouth.”

Blk 85 Redhill Lane, #01-60 Redhill Food Centre. Open Wednesday-Sunday 3 p.m.-11 p.m..


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