Drink by type: 10 bars for 10 social stereotypes in Singapore

Drink by type: 10 bars for 10 social stereotypes in Singapore

Where you drink says as much about you as what you drink ... so where do you fall in this list?
You would be high as a kite too if you put away a magnum of vodka.

Singapore in all its cosmopolitan glory tends to breed clichéd cliques. There’s nowhere better to find these strains than the nightlife petri dish.

Step into any watering hole and you’ll find an in-crowd outfitted with sartorial tendencies and other stock traits, the pick of venue often more telling than the choice of drink.

If you’re feeling disconnected, flick through this taxonomy of bar crawlers to find your niche.

Trust fund baby: Filter Club

FilterThe island’s only private club is a social sieve. Exclusivity is inherited if you are lucky enough to be born into a family of 21st-century socialites.

Filter is the place where money becomes priceless (thanks to Daddy’s visa), magnums of Belvedere and Möet flow endless, and an accidental crotch-baring stepping out of your Porsche in a skirt too mini could land you the cover of a local tabloid rag.

Filter Club, 1 Nanson Road, #02-05, River Valley Close, bottlepopper@filterclub.sg

The Ah beng/Ah lian: Dragonfly

DragonflyIn days of yore, there was karaoke, and the ah bengs and ah lians were a throng of Chinese-speaking devotees with dyed hair, lurid gear, slippers and orange combs sticking out from their back pockets.

These days, they've become nondescript and could be mistaken for a regular person until he belts out a hearty "Yo-ah-yo!"

To spot this species of Singaporean, visit Dragonfly, the stomping ground for those in search of lashes of Martell, live mando-pop and a rollicking good time.

Dragonfly, 3 Sentosa Gateway, St James Power Station, +65 6270 7676

Beach revelers: Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach ClubThis is where all imitations of beach life converge in the sun.

"Laguna Beach" meets "Jersey Shore" meets Ibiza meets Seminyak -- a spectrum ranging from spray-tanned to sun-kissed skin, meaty to slender necks, gelled to tousled tresses, silicone to au natural bosoms all united by a common fetish for Havianas flip-flops, wife beaters, itsy-bitsy bikinis, buckets of beer and jugs of Pimm's.

And when the moon is opposite the earth, the party kicks into high gear with the regular Full Moon party (next one is on June 18), bringing together fire twirlers, super soakers, lasers and thumping house beats.

Tanjong Beach Club, 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, +65 6270 1355

Too cool for school hipster: Home

HomeA standard night here means you’ll find American Apparel and skinny jean-clad art school students (and dropouts) along with a few financial and viral marketing types, anti-counter culture head banging to Arcade Fire.

These 18 to 30-year-olds are a post-war rojak (local slang for mix) of beat, punk and hippiedom under the guise of white trash a la mode -- an avant-garde illusion that reeks of Goldschläger.

Home, B1-01/06, The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road, +65 6538 2928

Wanker bankers: CUT

CUTSingapore's latest upscale steakhouse bar has become the place for the options gurus and hedge fund honchos to perform their version of the banking belly bump.

The sleek, swish interiors, carnivore-catered menu, lacquered bronze panels and iconic Mario Bellini-crafted leather barstools are immediately reminiscent of a gentlemen’s club.

A complement for any crisp neck-tied financier who singularly strives for monetary standing over a glass of Remy XIII Cognac -- at S$750 a pop -- or a bottle of robust red possessing a retail price equivalent to a blue collar's annual salary.

CUT, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, +65 6688 8517

Retro-goer: Zouk's Mambo Jambo

Mambo JamboOn Wednesday nights, Zouk harks back to the sampling origins of dance music and pays tribute to the disco-pop cusp of the '80s.

It’s far from a night out with Larry Levan at Paradise Garage, but great if you get off on cheesy top 40 throwbacks like Al Corley’s "Square Rooms" and Belinda Carlisle’s "Summer Rain." As Calvin Harris sang, there’ll be "…love for you, if you were born in the 80s," in the form of lychee martinis, jugs of Long Island tea and synchronized hand gestures.

Zouk (Wednesdays, Mambo Jambo), 17 Jiak Kim St., +65 6738 2988

The modern day kopitiam uncle: Colbar

ColbarNot quite your quintessential kopitiam (long slang for coffeeshop), this colonial haunt has salvaged its history and retained its charm since 1956.

For those with a penchant for nostalgia and superb beers, Colbar is the place for a lazy afternoon on the veranda with a leg cocked up and shaking over a Tetley’s Bitter and a copy of The Straits Times, or else to fraternize with other retired uncles.

BYOB (bring your own bird) is optional.

Colbar, 9A Whitchurch Road, Wessex Estate, +65 6779 4859

Art fart: PS Cafe @ Ang Siang Hill Park

PS. CafeSet in the heart of the gentrified section of Chinatown, this relatively new watering hole is frequented by urban creatives: artists, graphic and fashion designers, and those who loftily proclaim themselves as being "in the arts."

The fully stocked attic lounge bar lends a posh romanticism, an ideal ambience for drunken deliberation, innovation and general ego-stroking, over a reworked gin and tonic made with a splash of campari.

PS Café @ Ann Siang Hill Park, 45 Ann Siang Road, +65 6222 3143

New ager: Going Om

Going OmIf you find your heart chakra out of alignment whenever Uranus is in Aries and desire a divine jolt of energy healing, you’ve come to the right place.

Modeled after a serene Himalayan paradise, this alternative space is for Rasta musicians, method actors, fire dancers and psy-trancers, who practise yoga, read tarot and derive blessings from crystal balls over the occasional Advocaat Chakra drink; all elementals are welcome.

Going Om, 63 Haji Lane, +65 6396 3592

Hip hopster: Butter Factory

Butter FactoryDesigned for the hip hopster i.e. a hipster who is more inclined towards hip-hop than indie electronica, Butter Factory sports similar folk to Home but with a ghetto-fabulous twist.

Trucker caps are replaced by basketball hats and bootie shorts and musical mash-ups reign supreme -- think Beyoncé’s “Summertime" spliced with Uffie’s "Pop the Glock" to a video projection of Bruce Lee’s one inch punch.

Yes, it makes no sense but the peanut butter shooters get you there.

Butter Factory, #02-02/03/04 One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road, +65 6333 8243

A Singaporean currently regressing in age in vibrant Shanghai. A wayfarer at heart, she has resided in Palawan, Pakistan, Hong Kong and New York as a jack-of-all-trades and sometimes a master of none.

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