Old Singapore: Alive and (sometimes) kicking at wet markets

Squirming seafood, aromatic Indian spices, fresh flowers -- Singapore's wet markets are a melting pot of cultures and colors and a reminder of days gone by

10 things Singapore does better than anywhere else

Flamboyant parking spaces and the world's most striking hotel pool: What Singapore lacks in size, it makes up for in greatness

Exploring Singapore the old-fashioned way: Walking

World War II relics, monkey troops, tropical flowers -- walking across Singapore is sweaty but satisfying

What Singapore's iconic buildings are supposed to represent

A surfboard atop three skyscrapers? A bunch of bananas? The architect responsible for the most iconic buildings in Singapore explains

Keong Saik Road: The coolest new block in Singapore

10 street food dishes guaranteed to make you hungry

Top picks from the man whose name is synonomous with Singapore's urban tucker scene, KF Seetoh

Singapore: Is this the world's hottest new cocktail city?

Once described as "sterile," the birth city of the iconic Singapore Sling is experiencing a cocktail renaissance

Club Street: Singapore's hottest dining destination

The Chinatown neighborhood is the place to be for hot eats

Singapore's 5 best rooftop views

Haw Par Villa: World's most unexpected theme park

Singapore: Concrete jungle or greenest city on Earth?

Singapore: Concrete jungle or greenest city on Earth?

It's a small, dense island nation where 100% of the population is urbanized. It's also one of the greenest cities in the world. How'd they do it?

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