8 great websites for Asian electronics and gadgets

8 great websites for Asian electronics and gadgets

For all those ultra-cool Asian electronics and quirky gadgets, here are the best websites that ship internationally

From quirky gadgets to fab mobile phones, South Korea, Japan and China are famous for producing trend-setting technologies that often take years to find their way to the West. Turns out there are a number of websites selling ultra-cool Asian electronics internationally for you techies out there. We’ve created a list of what we think are some of the top Asian tech-selling sites.




audiocubes.comThe banjo-playing robot from Japan’s famous toy maker May-Wa Denki will keep you coming back from more. Or how about a pair of banana-shaped earbuds? AudioCubes features everything from cutesy headphones to analog cameras. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Shipping is free for orders over US$200. Otherwise expect to pay around US$25 to have gear delivered to your door.



dynamism.comWhile Dynamism offers next-generation tech from around the globe, the site emphasizes Japanese electronics. Solar-powered desk toys relieve workday stress while ultra-thin laptops make light work of those data-filling chores. Major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers are accepted. Items are shipped from the company’s Chicago office with fees about US$12 per order, excluding insurance.



gizmine.comRun by the same folks who own Dynamism.com, Gizmine sells the hottest gadgets straight from the heart of Tokyo. The Clockman alarm clock comes in four different personality types (the pink one nicely tells you to wake up while the yellow screams at you to get your you-know-what out of bed). The Star Wars Light Saber chopsticks are sure to impress a date. Orders are shipped directly from Tokyo with delivery fees starting at around US$20, excluding insurance. Major credit cards and PayPal are both accepted.


China Gadget Land


chinagadgetland.comThis is one of the few English websites offering products straight from the sprawling electronic markets in the southern city of Shenzhen. (Such markets feature the infamous shanzhai, or grey market, cellphones as well as a number of other crazy, but inventive, gadgets from a burgeoning strata of inventive Chinese.) Find everything from spy glasses to speakers that have fake flowers sprouting out of them on China Gadget Land. Major credit cards and PayPal accepted. Shipping fees are determined by weight.

Light in the Box


lightinthebox.comLight in the Box is a wholesale site offering a range of products from China, including lots of nifty electronics: hot pink bluetooth touchscreen watches; digital flying helicopter alarm clocks; video glasses with MP4 players; combo FM radio and ballpoint pen. Major credit cards, PayPal and Western Union money transfers accepted. International shipping prices via DHL, UPS and EMS determined by weight.



chinavision.comAnother wholesaler for quirky, cool Chinese tech stuff, Chinavasion stocks mobile phones and laptops as well as less mainstream gadgets. Spy on neighbors with the digital surveillance pen featuring image capture and video recording. The extreme sports helmet camera (all metal “Hercules edition”) will let you capture crazy snowboard moments you may -- or may not -- want to show your friends. Payments are accepted through credit card via PayPal or bank transfer. Shipping fees via UPS, DHL and EMS determined by weight.



alibaba.comAlibaba is the infamous shopping site offering B2B sales. Businesses can connect directly with wholesalers and manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore. Directly contact Xiamen Xinhuafeng Business Trade Co. Ltd to order Nikon digital cameras. Net Kami Electronic will send you solar laptop chargers from Malaysia. Payment methods include PayPal and bank transfers. Shipping arranged between individual buyers and sellers.




kimchius.comKimchius does not sell pickled Korean cabbage. But it does sell a range of Korean consumer electronics that range from rice cookers and computers to karaoke systems and refrigerators. Recipes to make kimchi cuisine are on sale for US$1. PayPal is the main way to pay. Unfortunately, the company ships products only within the United States. We felt compelled to inlcude it in the hopes maybe we can convince them to ship to the rest of Asia.


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