Pujiang: 'Italian' town rises out of Shanghai farmland

Pujiang: 'Italian' town rises out of Shanghai farmland

A short trip down Line 8 takes you to an Italian-esque, if slightly empty, new area -- Pujiang Town

Pujiang Town, located on Line 8 in Minhang, is part of the One City, Nine Towns plan for Shanghai.

Along with Anting and Thames Town, it's meant to introduce a Western flavor to the Shanghai suburbs.

The full name “Breeza Citta di Pujiang” hints that this is the Italian town. It’s architect is Italian, however when walking it’s streets, it’s not as evidently European as the other towns. 

One thing noticeably absent is people.

Apart from construction workers, you could probably count the residents walking around on one hand.

While Pujiang Town may not have lived up to its full potential so far, it’s still an interesting place to spend an afternoon, especially if you’d like to see a brand new city rise out of farmland. 

Pujiang TownPujiang Town is conveniently located next to the metro stop of the same name. 

cafe and restaurant Pujiang TownThe only restaurant open in the town, its outdoor space vaguely evokes a European cafe feel. Vaguely.

Pujiang Town bike shareIf your feet are getting tired from too much wandering, hop on a bike. A number of different bike-share stations are placed throughout the development

river in Pujiang TownNight time along the Venice Riverbank, or at least how Shanghai engineers imagine it.

future of Pujiang TownThey obviously have big plans for the area, including a pier on an apparently clear, blue Huangpu.

farms in Pujiang TownPerhaps more interesting than the town itself is the surrounding area of small farms that are awaiting the digger. 

To get to Pujiang Town: Take Metro Line 8 to Pujiang Town, main street is Jianghua Lu.

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