Hangzhou’s best hotels

Hangzhou’s best hotels

Staying in the South Song capital? These top Hangzhou hotel picks will satisfy any budget

As you'd expect from a city of approximately 8 million, your choice of Hangzhou hotels ranges from five-star excellence to budget-minded efficiency.

The key to all Hangzhou hotels, of course, is location.

If you're coming to take in the city's world-renowned sites -- in particular, West Lake -- this list of Hangzhou hotels should set you up in style.


Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale 杭州温德姆至尊豪廷大酒店

Hangzhou hotel -- Wyndham Grand Plaza RoyalWyndham Grand Plaza Royale's specially designated ladies' rooms are grand, spacious and a tad pink.

Across the street from West Lake, and consistently at or near the top of every Hangzhou hotels ranking year-on-year, the Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale is the gleaming granddaddy of local hotels.

Large rooms enjoy sweeping lake views and are outfitted with top-quality amenities.

Hotel dining options include excellent Western, Chinese and Thai restaurants. In-house facilities include a huge fitness center and swimming pool.

The English-speaking staff bends over into yoga poses to meet every demand.

555 Fengqi Lu, on corner of Fengqi Lu and Huancheng Xi Lu 凤起路555号, 凤起路和环城西路路口, +86 571 8761 6888, Room rates: from RMB 1,495+, www.wyndham.com/hotels

Xihu State Guesthouse 杭州西湖国宾馆

For years, Chinese and foreign and dignitaries have come to the Xihu State Guesthouse to take advantage of the yacht dock, driving range, tennis court, swimming pool and extensively manicured Chinese gardens.

Recent renovations to this Hangzhou hotel have rendered what was once the quintessential residence of stodgy Communist Party officialdom into contemporary sleekness.

The quality of service has followed suit, bringing a true five-star experience to the hotel on the secluded western shores of West Lake.

Separated from the main road by an intimidating security checkpoint (this is a state guesthouse, after all), the hotel ensures security as well as serenity, nicely separated from the city’s tourist bustle.

18 Yanggong Di, entrance near Huagang Guanyu Pond and Wugui Tan Scenic Area, 杨公堤18号, 门口近花港观鱼及乌龟潭景区, +86 0571 8797 9889, Room rates: from RMB 980+


SSAW Hotel 杭州世贸君亭西湖四季酒店

Hangzhou hotel -- SSAWFour-star SSAW has all the amenities travelers are looking, for minus unnecessary frills.

Boutique accommodations rule Hangzhou hotels' mid- to upper-mid range selection and provide all the class and modernity of luxury palaces minus unnecessary frills. Many of them feature unique interior designs.

SSAW Hotel is a case in point. In the middle of a busy downtown thoroughfare, this crisp, stylish mid-range hotel is conveniently located near West Lake and its associated attractions.

This tourist/business four-star hotel is home to an English-speaking staff, fitness room and an excellent Western breakfast buffet.

221 Jiefang Lu, next to Xinhua Bookstore, 解放路221号, 新华书店旁边, +86 571 2803 3666, Room rates: from RMB 308+, www.ssaw.hotelhubin-hangzhou.com

Lotus Glade 52 Hotel 莲遇52度假酒店

Hangzhou hotel -- Lotus Glade 52 HotelOnly a West Lake old hand would point you to this secluded retreat.

You might not know this magical boutique hotel existed without being kidnapped and dragged into the middle of the forest.

Yet this Hangzhou hotel actually sits right next to West Lake. Though just a short walk from major attractions, it’s quiet and secluded, away from the tourists hordes.

All rooms are actually separate bungalows that surround a central, open-air, wooden-decked dining area with seating literally in the woods.

Rooms are spacious and done up with a keen eye for contemporary swank. Though the staff’s English-speaking ability is limited, service is thoughtful and detailed.

Downright tasty Jiangnan cuisine is available. There’s also a bike-rental service.

38 Yanggong Di, near Quyuan Fenghe Garden, Entrance 4, 杨公堤38号, 近曲院风荷4号门, +86 571 8799 9815, Room rates: from RMB 638+, http://lianyu52.com/en


West Lake Youth Hostel 杭州过客青年旅舍

Hangzhou hotel -- West Lake Youth HostelWest Lake Youth Hostel's exotic ambience attracts many culture-seeking backpackers. Photo by Flickr user <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/bernardoh/3678213451/" target="_blank">bernardoh</a>.

Another nicely located backpacker haven, West Lake Youth Hostel is just a few minutes' walk from the city’s preeminent Leifeng Pagoda and Jingci Buddhist monastery.

Beyond traditional Chinese Jiangnan decor and clean quarters, what sets this Hangzhou hotel apart is the sheer amount of cultural activities it offers. These include cooking classes, tea ceremony and darts competitions.

The restaurant so good that even locals eat here.

The hostel’s Western breakfasts, complimentary coffee, well-stocked bar and approachable and proactive staff makes time spent in the small but cozy common area a pleasant experience.

Local tour and transportation reservations help is also available.

62-3 Nanshan Lu, entrance near corner of Nanshan Lu and Yuhuangshan Lu, 南山路62-3号,门口近南山路和玉皇山路路口, +86 571 8702 7027, Room rates: from RMB 50+, www.westlakehostel.com. Room rates may vary according to season.

Mingtown Hangzhou International Youth Hostel

The best-known youth hostel in Hangzhou, this Ming imperial-styled, heavily trafficked pit stop is smack in the middle of the West Lake scenic area. A thriving live music/bar district and the lake itself are literally a minute's walk away by foot.

It has all the amenities and services you’d expect from a well-run hostel: clean, basic, shared and single rooms, lobby computer terminals, free Wi-Fi, open kitchen and laundry room, DVD rentals, tours and transportation reservations help, and an artsy café with an outdoor patio that doubles as a common area.

It’s a bit understaffed, so service can be slow at times. Overall, though, what you get here is great location for a great price.

101-3 Nanshan Lu, across from China Academy of Art 南山路101-3号,中国美术学院对面, +86 571 8791 8948, 571 2806 9669, Room rates: from RMB 60+, http://www.yhachina.com