IVY Shanghai announces big plans -- and then closes its doors

IVY Shanghai announces big plans -- and then closes its doors

Closed for renovations, IVY Shanghai sets its sights on a new beginning
IVY Shanghai
Watch this space as IVY Shanghai undergoes a transformation of sorts, but don't bother watching until the first quarter of 2010.

IVY Shanghai, the boutique hotel located in a former 1950s Shanghai cinema, recently announced that it will close for a five-month renovation from September 29 through to the first quarter of 2010.

The company’s recent press releases explains the motivation behind the move: “A year after first opening ... the hotel is undergoing a sexy revamp, setting it on course to become Shanghai’s leading party destination as well as being its premier creative residence.”

The men behind the IVY Shanghai’s new look are Johhny and Paul Kember of the Hong Kong-based international design house K plus K.

What caught our eye about this release is that they’re trying to become more than a hotel space.

Although it will maintain its 46 rooms, the “owners will accordingly upgrade their current hotel-only offering to present Shanghai with a uniquely-combined ‘club/bar/restaurant/hip hotel’ destination -- designed to resonate with the ‘global nomad’ community and their chic Shanghai friends.”

We saw a lot a language like this before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and needless to say occupancy rates were well below expectations. We will reserve our judgment and check back in, come early 2010, to see how this new hybrid works out for IVY Shanghai.