Clothes off someone else’s back: Vintage clothing in Shanghai

Clothes off someone else’s back: Vintage clothing in Shanghai

You once laughed at polyester slacks -- now you’ll pay good money for them and these other vintage finds
Vintage clothing in Shanghai
Unpack this case for retro finds from the babes of Shanghai's golden years.

It's rare to come across genuine vintage clothing in Shanghai, let alone a suitcase full of it -- but oh, what a suitcase we've found at idest.Zhai's fashion design studio.

Don't be scared off by the Orwellian "Room 101", you won't be put through the ringer like the poor soul in "1984". The only torture found at idest.Zhai is that there is too much to choose from.

Once through the door we advise showing some willpower, staying strong and going straight for the dusty, old suitcase containing the real vintage goodies.

The quietly cool, bespectacled owner, Clash (coolest name ever), keeps a collection of bonafide vintage clothing in this suitcase, sourced from his travels to the UK, the United States and around China.

Dig deep into the jumble and find '70s maxi dresses, old-school cowboy shirts and qipaos once worn by the Shanghai babes of yester-year, all attached to affordable price tags.

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