iPhone 4 official Chinese release date and price estimates appear online

iPhone 4 official Chinese release date and price estimates appear online

Reports are emerging that Apple and China Unicom have finished negotiations and the iPhone 4 might be officially released in China as early as September
iPhone 4 China
If rumors are true, you might be shelling out RMB 5,880 for this bad boy in mainland China.

While grey market iPhone 4s have already reached Chinese consumers and rumors about iPhone 4 China sales continue to pop up, MIC Gadget is now reporting that Apple has finished negotiations with China Unicom and we could see the iPhone 4 as well as the iPad in China as early as September. So far Apple has declined to comment on a China release date.

Reports on Chinese tech website uuzo.cn also suggest prices for the Apple iPhone 4, if it is released in China in September, would be lower than the grey market prices but still much more expensive than buying them aboard.

With a contract a 16GB iPhone 4 would be RMB 5,880 and the Apple iPad is expected to come in at about RMB 3,999, according to uuzo.cn.

The first Shanghai Apple store opened earlier this month.


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