Duty-free shopping in Asia: Which airport has the best deal?

Duty-free shopping in Asia: Which airport has the best deal?

Shanghai reckons it beats Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore
shanghai airport duty-free shopping
Make sure to do some duty-free shopping next time you’re in Shanghai. Get cigarettes and cosmetics, but don’t touch any luxury brands.

Beware, shopaholic travelers, this post might just cause a change of plans to your next trip. For anyone who can resist the temptation -- read on.

Shanghai is claiming its two city airports -- Hongqiao and Pudong International -- offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to duty-free shopping, Oriental Morning Post reported today. 

This news was announced yesterday in Shanghai at the China Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2011.

The summit also revealed that a new duty-free shopping space is being planned for Hongqiao Airport’s T1 terminal, which is currently under renovation.

Star sell: cigarettes

“The duty-free products in Shanghai airports are sourced internationally without any middlemen,” said an anonymous employee from Sunrise Duty Free, which manages the duty-free shopping space in Shanghai airports.

The source further explained that they had compared their prices with those in Hong Kong International Airport, Tokyo Narita International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport, and could confirm that Shanghai offers the lowest average price for duty-free shopping in Asia.

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One star sell in Shanghai is Zhonghua cigarettes. The high-end Chinese ciggies are pegged at RMB 300 per bar (10 packs) at the airport, but RMB 450 in any retailing stores in downtown Shanghai.

The aforementioned employee admitted that their airport stores run out of Zhonghua cigarettes almost every day.

Cheaper cosmetics but pricier leather goods

“The cosmetics in Shanghai airports are cheaper than most those in most overseas airports or normal duty-free shops,” advised a flight attendant surnamed Wu, who works on international routes for a Shanghai-based carrier.

However, a travel guide surnamed Liu emphasized that Hong Kong or Tokyo airports still sport cheaper luxury goods, such as leather products by Ferragamo, Gucci, Burberry, Coach or Bally.

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