Chanel loves Shanghai and celebrates with Shanghai-inspired accessories

Chanel loves Shanghai and celebrates with Shanghai-inspired accessories

Chanel breaks out a range of luxury accessories just for its Shanghai fan. We can’t wait to get our hands on them

Chanel Paris-Shanghai collectionChanel is loving Shanghai. First there was the Chanel Shanghai store at the Peninsula Hotel, then the Chanel Paris-Shanghai collection. Now we get the Chanel Shanghai accessories collection. Score!

The man behind the magic, Karl Lagerfeld, has come out with a purse collection inspired by Shanghai glamour (think something similar to Chanel Paris-Moscou Matryoshka doll purse).

Our favorites: the plexi and enamel Chinese doll clutch, and how could we pass up the glammed up classic takeout box? (So that has absolutely nothing to do with Shanghai but we applaud the Chinese-inspired effort.) Although the overall Chanel Paris-Shanghai collection is much more than just bags, the purses of the Shanghai-specific collection are definitely the stars of the show.

According to, the Chanel Paris-Shanghai collection as well as the purse collection will only be available at the Shanghai boutique so keep checking back to see when the items hit the shelves. Will they be here in time for the Expo? We’re guessing that’s pretty much a given. 

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