Best souvenirs to buy at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Best souvenirs to buy at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Last-minute gift ideas for travelers flying out from Shanghai

If you've never paused to peruse Shanghai Pudong International Airport's duty free offerings, you might be surprised to discover the weird and wonderful potential gifts you could be buying.

For the people in your life “who have everything,” we're betting one of these unique souvenirs will bring something new into the lives of kids of all ages.

1. Panda hat

Shanghai Pudong airport -- souvenir 1Wear a China's cuddly animal star back home.

Modeling this snug and furry panda hat and mittens set had the passing Chinese commuters pointing and squealing “Hen ke'ai! (very cute)” with both thumbs raised in approval.

You too can get a dose of undeniable cutey-pie overload with your own piece of China's most precious national ambassador at Panda Q.

But if the hat and mittens aren't your thing, they also stock an unbelievable range of panda-clad merchandise, with everything from backpacks, beer coolers and huggable soft toys on display.

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RMB 168, Panda Q, multiple locations at Terminal 1, +86 21 400 102 2010

2. Tibetan silver jewelry

Shanghai Pudong airport -- souvenir 2Exotic gift for fashionistas.

If there's a special lady in your life with a penchant for accessorizing on the bold and exotic side, this selection of silver jewelry sourced from the plateaus of Tibet is sure to be a popular edition to their jewelry cabinet.

These are primarily chunky pieces inlaid with turquoise and other semi-precious stones, in other words, they probably aren't appropriate for shrinking violets.

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RMB 400-1,500, China & Civilization, Terminal 1, located at gate 17

3. RoboSapien

Shanghai Pudong airport -- souvenir 3Stop looking at me, or I will karate chop you.

A biomorphic robot that walks, dances and karate chops on command -- who wouldn't want one of these babies?

The RoboSapien is pre-programmed with moves, and can be controlled by an infrared remote control included in the box, or by either a personal computer equipped with an infrared transmitter, or an infrared transmitter-equipped PDA.

The toy's remote control unit has a total of 21 different buttons. With the help of two shift buttons, a total of 67 different robot-executable commands are accessible.

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RMB 239, Sunrise Duty Free, Terminal 2, located at Gates 77 and 69 respectively, +86 21 6834 6855,

4. Dragon kite

Shanghai Pudong airport -- souvenir 4Don't fly it right away, or your might trigger another UFO craze.

“Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height!” The Chinese have been doing it for about 2,300 years now and your loved ones can get in on the action with this colorful dragon kite.

Chinese folklore is rich in tales of dragon kites being flown for both pleasure and purpose. Some of the most interesting tales are the stories of how Chinese dragon kites were used to help fight off intruders in the event of an attack, apparently as well as looking rather cool. They also prove quite efficient in scaring and confusing your enemies.

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RMB 198, Sunrise Duty Free, Terminal 1, located at gate 16, +86 21 6834 6855,

5. Bok choy trinket holder

Shanghai Pudong airport -- souvenir 5Put your bling in that bok choy.

Looking for something for the woman who has everything? Someone with a particular fondness for unusual tchotchkes perhaps?

We're betting she doesn't have one of these. It's a solidly constructed metal trinket box in the shape of a popular Chinese vegetable -- and did we mention it's encrusted with sparkly, colored crystals?

We can only imagine the look on your loved one's face when she opens this baby up.

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RMB 235, Sunny Share Chinese Collection International in Terminal 1, +86 21 400 102 2010,

6. High-quality Chinese hooch

Shanghai Pudong airport -- souvenir 6Chinese liquor at its best.

If your closest scrape with baijiu has been at Chinese weddings and late night encounters with the cheap and nasty RMB 3 per bottle stuff at your local Alldays, you may be surprised by the high quality variants of “fire water” on the market.

These popular duty free options have various ages and “fragrances” which determine their price tag and the decorative packaging lends itself favorably to gift-giving.

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RMB 500-1,000, Liquor, Wine & Confectionery, Terminal 2, located at gate 69

Most shops in Shanghai Pudong International Airport open from 6:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m..

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