Residents flee Expo hordes on sell-out opening day

Residents flee Expo hordes on sell-out opening day

While the early birds get their worms, or at least the 2010 Expo tickets for opening day on May 1, Shanghai residents escape the frenzy en masse
2010 Expo tickets packet
What would you do to get your hands on the sold out May 1 2010 Expo tickets? Photo by Flickr user Micah Sittig

If you were planning to get up early on May 1, braving the lines to buy your ticket for the first official opening day of the 2010 Exp, stay in bed. According to organizers, all Expo 2010 Shanghai tickets for May 1 have been sold.

The first day of the 2010 Expo is considered a peak ticket day, costing Expo-goers RMB 200 a pop (versus a standard day which costs RMB 160 or evening pass which is RMB 90). There will be 17 peak days during the Expo's 184-day period (ending October 31). Tickets for May 2 and May 3 are still available. 

For us, 'peak day' simply means, 'avoid-the-Expo-like-the-plague day', but that could just be us. If you’re hankering to get up close and personal with the crowds, other peak days are (May 1-3), National Day holiday (Oct 1-7) and the last week before the Expo's closing date (Oct 25-30). 

If you still need to get tickets you can call +86 21 962 288 (English) and they’ll help hook you up. Or call the main Expo hotline (+86 21 962 010). Or go online to check out the official 2010 Expo tickets site. 

Getting out of Shanghai

While a select few who like to test their crowd endurance will stick around for May holiday (April 30 to May 4) to check out the Expo, many Shanghai residents will be heading in the opposite direction, as far away from Shanghai and the crowds as possible. 

"During the Expo, tourists from various counties will be gathering in Shanghai. Everyone will flood into the city but I've chosen the opposite direction,” says 72-year-old Chen Zhi to Channel News Asia. “They come in, I go out. I make room for them."

Chen isn’t the only one avoiding the congestion.

"This year, outbound tourists almost double that of last year [during May holiday], increasing by nearly 100 percent,” says Luo Hua, manager of international travel at Spring International.