Sunny Beach: The beach returns to Shanghai's Bund

Sunny Beach: The beach returns to Shanghai's Bund

Forgo the mass transit beach commute many Shanghai local sandpits require and lounge in the sand much closer to home this summer
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No, this isn't a Photoshopped picture, Shanghai really does have a beach. Whether you want to dive in is a different issue.

Shanghai beach bums can rejoice and put down that ticket to Thailand, as local mags (here and here) are reporting that Sunny Beach -- Shanghai’s Bund-side strand -- is back in action.

Even if the temperatures don’t exactly tell you it's spring here yet, when the city’s only downtown beach opens its gates, we can at least hope that warmer weather is around the corner.

Created in the summer of 2010 but closed for the winter, Sunny Beach is part of the Shanghai government and the Cool Dock’s master plan to actually get people down to the South Bund -- a task that has proven easier said than done, even with the city's recent renovations of the area.

Charging RMB 20 entrance for the privilege of sitting in one of the two dozen or so lounge chairs, the beach offers unblocked views of Pudong, which should be amazing when it's lit up at night.

Although Sunny Beach offers little more than sand, chairs and a great view, with the Cool Docks and Waterhouse next door (we’re major proponents of Table No. 1’s cocktail list), and the beach's liberal "bring whatever food and drink you want" policy, you won’t be missing a boardwalk’s typical fast food and games.


getting there

Sunny Beach
Waima Lu, near Maojiayuan Lu
外码路, 近毛家园路
Hours: daily, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A borough-bred Manhattanite, editor and writer Jessica Beaton lived in Shanghai for five years and has now moved to Hong Kong.

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