Shanghai manholes in the spotlight

Shanghai manholes in the spotlight

A new blog dedicates itself to a slice of Shanghai’s past: manholes

Shanghai manholes -- historic Shanghai No longer will you have to spend hours prowling the streets looking for manholes in Shanghai. Someone has gathered them all in one place.

Historic Shanghai has all the makings of a good movie: mobsters, gangs, scantily clad women, murder and intrigue.

Great blogs like China Rhyming cover some of the best stories of old Shanghai.

But there's one part of the old city that's constantly overlooked: the infrastructure.

A Shanghai blogger has recently launched a site that's getting as many (if not more) clicks for its name than for the historic Shanghai content it posts.

The blog Shanghai Manholes... & Fire Hydrants is an attempt to catalog manhole covers and fire hydrants installed during Shanghai’s concession era -- before they're covered over by development -- and to tell the stories behind the infrastructure.

In an informal release sent out with the launch of the site, the author explains his purpose for putting this collection of Shanghai history together.

“That's right, Shanghai Manholes is revved-up and ready to be taken for a ride," read the release. "The site is stuffed full of hot pictures of manholes (-covers, fire hydrants and other random bits of infrastructure) along with information (it's all about the articles, right?) on why and who put them their in the first place. You wanted manhole and now you got it.”

The information on the blog is meant to inspire readers to keep their eyes to the ground when they're out and about.

Our favorite tidbit on the site is the section on the founder of Shanghai Telephone Company, sadly not manhole covers. We need to add him to our Shanghai badasses list.