Missed the China Pavilion? It’s back tomorrow

Missed the China Pavilion? It’s back tomorrow

Yes! One of the highlights of World Expo 2010 re-opens for another six-month stint
2010 Expo China Pavilion re-opens
The China Pavilion is one of four pavilions, as well as the "central axis" that will be on permanent display in Shanghai.

For those who missed the China Pavilion at the 2010 Expo -- or who refused to wait in line for six-plus hours to see it -- Big Red is back for a six-month run beginning December 1.

Curators changed little during the 2010 pavilion’s 30-day downtime, adding only an exhibition on the pavilion’s construction to augment previous offerings, which include a display of super rice and the animated film, “Along the River During Qingming Festival."

China Pavilion director Xu Hubin says that the pavilion is trying to extend its exhibition lease on its national relics, and that new exhibits might be added to the current lineup.

Another benefit for those who waited: instead of shelling out for a full Expo ticket, entry to the China Pavilion is now just RMB 20 for adults, RMB 15 for students and free for kids under 1.2 meters.

The ticket center has been moved from its former Expo ticket location. To buy a pass, go to Expo gate six off Yaohua Lu Metro station (near Metro Lines 7 and 8).

Even though the China Pavilion is instituting a number of measures to limit crowds -- which will be large if the Expo crowds were any indication -- with the pavilion's max capacity of 50,000, visitors can still expect to rub shoulders with lots of people.