The invisible man: Artist Liu Bolin ... he's around here somewhere

The invisible man: Artist Liu Bolin ... he's around here somewhere

A Chinese artist takes the concept of ‘blending in’ to a new level with his art
The invisible man: Liu Bolin
Liu Bolin paints his body into the landscape -- human or urban. We know he's around here somewhere ...

Although all artwork is a labor of love, O.C.D-like attention to details shown by Liu Bolin, a 35-year-old artist from Shandong now based in Beijing, is astounding. Although some skeptics scream “Photoshop!”, it’s far better to pay attention to the meticulous detail and (not so) subtle political messages in Liu Bolin's work than the hubbub surrounding it.

His atricle on Lost Laowai, Liu Bolin posts his set "Camouflage".

In an interview with the UK's Mail Online, Liu Bolin says that he wants to "show how city surroundings affected people living in them." He adds that, "the inspiration behind my work was a sense of not fitting in to modern society and was a silent protest against the persecution of artists."

Liu Bolin says that his art makes a statement about his place in society -- he sees himself as an outsider whose artistic efforts are not always valued, especially within China.

Although Liu Bolin has mainly showed his work in China, he’s expanded his reach outside of Chinese borders taking part in shows in Paris, New York and Maimi in the last year.

Print this page and keep it somewhere safe, because this man will be making headlines in the international art world soon and we'll want to say, “We told you so."

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