Everything you need to know about Shanghai Disney

Everything you need to know about Shanghai Disney

Everyone’s talking about the Shanghai Disney deal -- here's the news roundup
Shanghai Disney
Soon you'll see all of these guys in your local Shanghai Disney park -- well, minus the guy in the back.
The Shanghai Daily reports on the Shanghai Disney deal, concluded after long talks between the city and Disney, which first announced plans for a mainland park in 2002.
No surprise that Shanghai’s market closed higher with the announcement of the Shanghai Disney park. The project is expected to cost US$3.6 billion and take five to six years to complete.
No deal in China comes without an interesting history. The China Beat blog makes all the connections for you, including the historic link between World Fairs and Disney theme parks.
The press might be eating up the Shanghai Disney park announcement, but Chinese netizens are expressing concern about everything from the park’s timing to its effects on their taxes.
The US$3.6 billion development package includes hotels and shopping complexes, in addition to the theme park. The plan calls for Disney to hold 43 percent ownership and manage the park, with the balance owned by a collection of companies controlled by the Shanghai government. The earliest the park might open is 2012.

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