China's got another talent: Man wallops his vitals with a hammer

China's got another talent: Man wallops his vitals with a hammer

A 68-year-old performs "iron crotch" on stage, and he's not even close to the Top 16 of this year's show
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Although the three judges often argue on stage, they were unanimous about the ball-basher's qualifications: No way.

Reality TV show China's Got Talent finished its two-month long qualifying contest last Sunday in Shanghai.

The judges selected 16 teams and individuals to perform in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for the semi-final.

While some viewers argue over the qualifications of the top 16 talents, we are surprised that ball-basher Zhou Xin isn't on the list.

(Video here. Jump to 00:25 to see the guy perform. Please be noted that this video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users.)

The video, picked up by Shanghaiist, shows a menagerie of weird talents in this year's qualifying contest. The highlight, without doubt, is 68-year-old Zhou thwacking his nuts, first with a weight, then with a hammer.

Zhou claims he practices one of the Shaolin kung fu skills called "iron crotch gong" (铁裆功), but his act was immediately dismissed after judge Annie Yi screamed in horror.

According to CRI, "iron crotch gong," or simply "crotch gong," is indeed one of the 72 Shaolin skills. CCTV also reports that it is one of the basic drills Shaolin monks practice every morning

See a full list of the top 16 contestants for this year's "China's Got Talent." Our previous picks -- Lu Yulong, Isaac Hu and Hu Yongqing -- all made the cut.

The final of the second season of "China's Got Talent" will be held on July 10 at Shanghai Stadium. And Susan Boyle has confirmed she will attend.