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Century Park: Pay to play in Pudong

Century Park: Pay to play in Pudong

A locale where you can actually hang out (on the grass no less) and have an active outdoors day
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Century Park
Take a stroll (or a bike ride) around Century Park's lake, or enjoy lazing on the rocks or grass.

Century Park, due to its Pudong location, can boast the freshest air in the city (it's all relative but every little counts), and is also Shanghai's largest recreational ground.

In contrast to many other parks around Shanghai you can actually hang out on the grass here, and therefore it's a great destination for just about anything that requires scoring a patch of green, while the scenic lake is perfect for romantic strolls.

Century Park draws huge crowds on weekends and during public holidays, so don’t expect a peaceful day out here on your day off, but it is certainly a respite from the concrete chaos that makes up the rest of the city.