Beijing's four food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate truffles

Beijing's four food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate truffles

Beijing announces plans for its World Chocolate theme park
Mmm... chocolate
You think this is a lot of the dark stuff, wait till it's made into a replica of the Great Wall.

You’ve been to Beijing a million times already. You’ve seen the Great Wall, you’ve seen the Forbidden City, but have you see Beijing’s 'World Chocolate theme park’?

Trick question; no one will until January 2010, according to a recent government announcement. But those with a serious sweet tooth can now dream about what this Willy Wonka-style theme park, set to open in the Olympic Green, will be like.

AFP reports that the site “will feature a life-size edible Terracotta Army, Great Wall and versions of famous paintings.”

"Our 'chocolate wonderland' will be beyond the imagination," says Tina Cheng, general manager of the company that will operate the World Chocolate park.

While sure to be popular with choco-bots, we wonder: exactly how many are there in China? Chocolate companies are making inroads in here, and restauranteurs like Brian Tan are surely doing well with chocolate-based venues like hof and House of Flour in Shanghai, but chocolate is still not nearly as popular in China as it is in the West.

Seems as though the company and government have done their market research and are comfortable with the concept, even in China.

"There is the potential for a huge market in China with regards to chocolate consumption," Cheng says in the AFP article. "That's why many overseas chocolate producers are vying to join our project."

Although they’re declining to name names, Cheng is quoted as saying that a number of chocolate makers from Europe, including Belgium and Switzerland, have expressed interest in his theme park.


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