Tudou.com Video Festival winner: ‘War of Internet Addiction’

Tudou.com Video Festival winner: ‘War of Internet Addiction’

It's a film set in a video game -- and it took out all other competition at the Tudou.com (土豆网) Video Festival

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Tudou.com (土豆网), one of China’s largest video sharing websites, held the Tudou Video Festival last week. According to Tudou co-founder Marc van der Chijs over 1,000 people attended the event to watch the winners of the competition's 16 categories.

“The quality of the winning films was once again amazing,” writes van der Chijs. “There is so much [video] talent in China. And that talent now has the chance [to] show their works to the rest of world with many clips getting millions of views. That’s the power of online video!”

This year’s winner was welll-known Machinima film, “War of Internet Addiction” (网瘾战争) directed by 性感玉米 (Sexy Corn).

The film was shot inside the World of Warcraft game, with the actors being 100 gamers who performed via their characters inside the system. Translation: production cost was zero except for, as van der Chijs says, “broadband connections, electricity bills, buying cigarettes, beers and snacks to get through the long hours.”

The film has been quite controversial which was reflected in Sexy Corn’s acceptance speech: “Tudou.com was the only video website that supported the broadcasting of ‘War of Internet Addiction’ on the web through and through, unlike other websites that temporarily banned the content. I like the open and free spirit of Tudou.com.”

If you’d like to see other videos by Sexy Corn, check out his Tudou.com page.