Chopstick removed from man's stomach after 28 years

Chopstick removed from man's stomach after 28 years

Shanghai man has a chopstick removed from his stomach over two decades after eating it

Shanghai man has chopstick removed from stomachDoctors at Tongji Hospital recently removed half a wooden chopstick from a 50-year-old local man’s stomach, a possible 28 years after he ate it, said a state media report.

The man, surnamed Zhang, was rushed to the Tongji Hospital ER after fainting due to complications from what doctors later found to be half a chopstick in his stomach, which has damaged his stomach wall.

Zhang, according to state media reports, thought he had simply digested the wooden chopstick until he started having stomach problems, reported the Oriental Morning Post newspaper.

The surgeons slowly extracted the chopstick through a small incision in Zhang’s stomach, the state report said.

After surgery to removed the wrapped piece of wood, Mr Wang told doctors, according to Shanghai Daily, he didn’t eat the stick by accident -- apparently he ate it when under extreme stress, but when he immediately didn’t feel sick, he decided not to seek medical help.