Bad smells banned on Shanghai metro

Bad smells banned on Shanghai metro

Starting today, new rules ban things with “strong smells” from the Shanghai Metro. Stinky tofu is definitely out, but we have to wonder, does that also include people?
Stinky tofu
Get in your last bites of this notorious Shanghai street food before you hit the Metro.

The Shanghai Metro "banned" list is already home to the usual suspects: pets, bikes, skateboards and your generally explosive objects. (Clearly not pole dancing though.) Today the authorities have added one more thing to the round-up: stinky tofu.

Yes, the Shanghai street food staple has run afoul with Shanghai Metro authorities along with a number of other goods that fall under new regulations banning anything with “strong smells” from the Metro starting today.

Although a good concept, passengers are left wondering, “What exactly constitute a ‘strong smell?’”

More importantly, can passengers ask those with too much perfume (or not enough, for those who forgot to shower) to get off the train?

For some reason we doubt that’s the direction the regulations will be going in.

"A lot of daily-use stuff can be smelly," said Zhou Xinwei, a daily Metro rider, to Shanghai Daily. "The expression is much too vague."

In response to passengers questions about the definition of "smelly," Shanghai Metro officials explained to reporters that "it's impossible to list all the possible banned items in the rules," but goods with an odor that disturbed other riders would be banned.

Although there’s no explanation of how the rules would be enforced (a sniff test as you wait on the platform, perhaps), your best bet is to finish your stinky tofu before you hit the turnstiles.