Shanghai puts on a ballsy show for charity

Shanghai puts on a ballsy show for charity

Sunday’s event to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer involves Speedos, beers and a sandwich. What’s not to love?
Speedos - Shanghai Speedo Run for Charity
Shanghai's finest will brave the October weather in these babies to raise money for charity.

In Shanghai, throw a kuai and you could hit an auction or bar night raising money for a worthy cause. But how to stand out? Add Speedos.

To raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer and funds to research a cure, some of Shanghai’s bravest are donning Speedos and racing around People’s Park, thankfully before it gets too cold.

Although it might seem like a stunt aimed at charming the crowds that inevitably gather around People’s Park to enjoy beers with friends, organizers hope it will also go a long way to raise awareness of an issue that's under reported in China and where prostate screening is rarely performed.

Due to the lack of screening, most prostate cancer cases in Shanghai are diagnosed at a later stage, with a relatively poor survival rate compared to the West. This despite China historically having a lower rate of the disease.

“The event started last year in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was a hit and people were talking about it for ages afterward, so when I moved to Shanghai, I decided to initiate a partnership with the now annual event in South Africa," explains organizer Chris Pedra.

As for the choice of garb for the race? “The reason behind the Speedo is that it highlights 'areas of immediate concern,'" says Pedra. "Also a bunch of guys running round in Speedos is more likely to turn heads." Fair enough.

There will be events in Johannesburg and Washington DC on the same day.

Speedo Run for Cancer, October 16, 1:30 p.m (meet at 1 p.m), People’s Park (人民广场, just inside the Barbarossa entrance), RMB 100 for participants (includes Speedo, beers and a sandwich), RMB 20 for spectators (pay at the race). For more info email: