Shanghai is China’s 'sexiest' city

Shanghai is China’s 'sexiest' city

Shanghai scored the top spot in a poll of China's 'sexiest' cities, but it's not because of its glamorous people ...
Shanghai's one of China's sexiest cities because of the Bund
Next time you go to the Bund, you might appreciate it a little more since it's a big part of why Shanghai was ranked one of China's sexiest cities.

Shanghai is the sexiest city in China. That's what came out of a recent survey by Horizon Research, which polled 6,600 people aged 18 to 60 in 30 Chinese cities. 

People ranked Shanghai number one more for the physical city than for the glamorous people who populate it.

Some 17.3 percent of survey respondents ranked Shanghai number one, giving reasons like the city's metropolitan style, strong economy, architectural landmarks and "many big events like 2010 Expo." 

Two percent of those who ranked Shanghai top mentioned the city’s modernization and strong economic environment, while 20 percent mentioned landmarks such as the Bund, the Pearl Tower and the Huangpu. Seventeen percent said that the World Expo gives Shanghai its sex appeal.

Only 5 percent said the city's attractive female population made Shanghai sexy.

Hong Kong came in second, with 8.4 percent of the vote, for its glamorous and star-studded reputation.

Although Chongqing is known throughout China for its attractive female population, the city only took third place with 4.7 percent.

Beijing came in fourth with 4.6 percent. People cited Beijing’s historical sites and the Olympics as the city's 'sexiest' attributes. Others said they thought the city was sexy because of the celebrities that lived in Beijing, and that its status as the capital city gave it sex appeal.

"The word 'sexy' is not about beauty, bikini, beach, bar or club but other aspects of a city, as some interviewees explained to us. This in itself is surprising," said He Fan, a manager of Horizon Research, to Shanghai Daily. "The interviewees taught us what's sexy about cities and their value."

Although most of the interviewees could identify their sexiest cities, according to Shanghai Daily, 33 percent of those asked could not identify any cities as sexy.