'Coquettish' Chinese male cheerleader video goes viral

'Coquettish' Chinese male cheerleader video goes viral

An unidentified Chinese university student sets the Internet ablaze with his sassy attitude and diva dance routine

Last year, some sexy (female) Chinese cheerleaders were blamed for at least one foreign team's defeat at the Guangzhou Asian Games. But now China may have a better cheerleader candidate to bring with them to the London 2012 Olympics.

The young man has recently set the Chinese Internet ablaze by blasting out a diva dance routine.

It is believed to have been first uploaded to Youku.com three weeks ago, and was later shared to all major Chinese video websites, such as Tudou.com. The original Youku clip has gotten more than 416,000 clicks so far.

The mystery man's identity has not been confirmed, but netizens are referring to him as “Extremely Coquettish Brother" (极品风骚男). He is reportedly a science and tech major at a Chinese university. 

Chinese netizens have reacted more tolerantly than usual to this "coquettish" male.

Youku user "Yi Jin Si Liang" (一斤思量) says: "[He] couldn't have done it without some real skills in pocket. It's good to combine male and female [in a cheerleading team]."

Another netizen called "jiangfong12" comments on Toudou.com, “I am not against a man to join the cheer team but man had better not to dance so girly.” 

No matter what his sexuality, it takes a real man to know how to work a sequined mini and crop top.

Jane Leung is a Hong Kong-born Canadian who has dabbled in the mixed media bag of film and television production, the professional sports industry and magazine publishing. 

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