Pamela Anderson looks to China for help

Pamela Anderson looks to China for help

The former “Baywatch” star and current animal rights activist calls on China to support her newest campaign
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Pamela Anderson, former "Playboy" playmate and current honorary PETA director, looks to China to take the 10 Commandments as seriously as she does.

Forget the human rights issues related to China and the United States that have been making headlines lately. Former “Baywatch” star and activist Pamela Anderson is making news of her own, talking rights, animal rights, with the Chinese government.

Anderson recently sent a letter to China's Ministry of Land and Resources asking them to halt imports of seal meat and oil from Canada. In the letter she calls the practice of seal-hunting in her native country inhumane.

Clearly she’s never visited the live tiger feeding shows (that would be feeding live animals to live tigers) at the Harbin Zoo. Her campaign might want to start there.

"Please don't allow China to become a dumping ground for seal meat and oil products that even Canadians don't want," according to the letter released by the animal rights group PETA.

She also invited the department’s minister, Xu Shaoshi, to Canada to witness the "cruelty of the annual seal slaughter."

"If you witnessed this massacre, I'm sure that you'd have a change of heart about importing seal products into China," the document continued.

Not quite as much a shot in the dark as the letter initially seems, Anderson is specifically targeting China because it signed an agreement with Canada in early 2011 to import of seal meat and oil.

The Canadian government maintains that practice is not only humane, but also crucial to the livelihoods of thousands of North Atlantic fishermen.

Neither Xu Shaoshi or the Ministry of Land and Resources has made any formal statement in reply to Anderson’s invitation.

Although a figurehead for media attention surrounding the seal campaign (it comes with the title of "Honorary PETA Director"), Anderson is not the only celebrity fighting for Canadian seal rights. A number of celebrities have taken to Twitter (note that we didn’t say weibo) of late to support the seals, Tweeting their fans about the issue and directing them to PETA’s "It's Time to End the Seal Slaughter" donation page.

Other celebrities who have joined the campaign include Ellen DeGeneres, Sophia Bush, Lea Michele, Alicia Silverstone and Dave Navarro.

A borough-bred Manhattanite, editor and writer Jessica Beaton lived in Shanghai for five years and has now moved to Hong Kong.

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