Huayi Brothers announces East Asia's largest film and TV studio

Huayi Brothers announces East Asia's largest film and TV studio

The Huayi Brothers Culture City will include film studios, public viewing areas and rides
Huayi Brothers Culture City
Movies that the Huayi Brothers Media have produced recently.

Huayi Brothers Media, China's largest film and TV producer, has announced plans to build an indoor studio complex in Shanghai that will be East Asia’s largest, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Huayi Brothers Culture City will span 1,000 acres in Shanghai's Jiading district and cost 1 billion yuan (US$152 million) to build, Chinese media reported.

An unnamed Huayi official told The Hollywood Reporter that the studio will be a cross between Universal Studios and Warner Brothers Movie World.

Maybe it'll give Shanghai's upcoming World of Warcraft, Starcraft-theme park a run for its money.

"The Huayi Brothers Culture City will have film studios and, of course, areas that are open to the public," Huayi deputy general manager Wu Ming said to Securities Daily. "We chose Shanghai because the climate is suitable for filming all year round.

"Shanghai also has good infrastructure and a wide pool of talent," he added.

Wu went on to claim that the Huayi Brothers Culture City has little to no conflict of interest with the Shanghai Disneyland, which looks set to open earliest by 2014.

"Their target population and form of entertainment are vastly different from ours,” said Wu. “Disney goes for children and families, whereas we'll target young to middle-aged tourists who are passionate about films."

Huayi Brothers is famous for backing Chinese blockbusters including "A World Without Thieves," "Aftershock" and "If You Are The One."

The first stage of construction, which will occupy roughly 250 acres, will commence at the end of this year and be completed by 2013, according to Ta Kung Pao. Entertainment rides will be built at a later stage.


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