GoSo.cn: ‘The people’s search engine’

GoSo.cn: ‘The people’s search engine’

Who needs Google China when you have the "People’s Search Engine," GoSo.cn?
With Google out of the way, the Chinese government tries its hand at creating the most harmonious search engine, Goso.cn

When things were good on the Chinese net, we had Baigoogledu (if you’ve yet to try this Baidu-Google hybrid, give it a shot). As the China-Google situation took a turn for the worst, we got Goojje.

Now, a three or so months after Google’s official pull out from China, we get the “People’s Search Engine” (人民搜索), GoSo.cn.

Don’t expect Google’s free search policy here though. Launched by People’s Daily, techblog86.com reports that, “this being the official search engine, controversial content is left out. Look for the date of the Tian’anmen crackdown in Chinese, for example, and if you’re in China, you’ll get hits which are not one bit related to the controversial event.”

Officially, the site was launched to “create an authoritative Chinese search engine” as well as “providing trusted search results.” Did we miss something or doesn’t Baidu already fit that niche for 80-something percent of the Chinese search market? Looks like the Chinese government is giving China’s biggest, technically non-government sponsored search engine a run for its money. More importantly, though will Chinese netizens even care? 

A borough-bred Manhattanite, editor and writer Jessica Beaton lived in Shanghai for five years and has now moved to Hong Kong.

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