Video: China builds 15-story hotel in six days

Video: China builds 15-story hotel in six days

A video of a complete building’s construction in less than a week has shocked Chinese netizens, with many asking, “Is faster better?”

The video shows how Chinese workers took only six days to build a 15-story hotel in Changsha, Hunan Province. They completed the entire facade in only 46 hours.

When talking about the pace of life in China, there’s only one word: fast. We have the fastest trains, the fastest runners and newest skyscrapers.

None of this though beats the recent Youtube video hit that shows how Chinese construction workers managed to complete a 15-story building in six days. Although the video touts the skills of Chinese construction crews, it has also set off a heated discussion among Chinese netizens, getting passed around major social networks like Kaixin

The question many people are asking is, “Is faster better?”

Although an online hit, the video initially took off in Shanghai due to its screening at the Corporate and Broad Pavilions at the Shanghai 2010 Expo. The contractor of the hotel in the video, Ark Hotel, is Hunan Broad Construction Technology Company.

According to “Science and Technology Daily,” the video was first uploaded to Youtube by a Spanish reporter working at the Expo. The video quickly spread online, receiving 2 million visits in the first 10 days.

Flooded with comments, the clip currently has over 3.6 million views.

“I’m proud of how fast it was built,” says Chinese Youtube user Skycloudia. “Yet I'm even more proud of the fact that this is an energy-efficient, green building. I wish there were LEED certificates in China to establish some standards though.”

User Sephiroth1219 comments, “Well, they did build the Great Wall, so that might explain the ludicrously short amount of time to build that hotel. They had some practice.”

The Broad Group’s Vice President Fu Lixin tells reporters that such a phenomenal speed was due to the innovative building technology used and standardized architecture design.

In other words, all the building components were completed in the factory beforehand, so there was only minimal assembly work at the construction site, taking a much shorter period of time to build the structure. The building is reportedly soundproofed, thermal-insulated and constructed to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake.

With this building model, the company says it's possible to complete a 30-40-story building within a week.

“It’s no miracle to build a hotel in six days,” Fu adds. “Our goal is to build affordable houses for average people.” He continues that the technology used in this project can lower housing construction costs by up to 20 percent per square meter from traditional models.

Regarding many of the comments posted on the video concerning the quality of the construction, the company’s general manager of sustainable building sales center Xingyuan Zhao says that the foundation was finished in advance, taking a month, ensuring the rest of the project continued safely.

Science and Technology Daily further reveals that the Broad Pavilion at the Expo site was built using the same material, in a day. Not too shabby.