Flights delayed, warnings issued as Typhoon Bolaven hits Korea

Flights delayed, warnings issued as Typhoon Bolaven hits Korea

Forecasters predict extensive damage and travel delays from the worst typhoon to hit Korea in a decade
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Satellite image of Typhoon Bolaven heading toward the Korean Peninsula.

Korea is bracing for its worst storm in 10 years. 

Typhoon Bolaven, named after a highland region in Laos, will be the most dangerous typhoon to hit Korea since Rusa in 2002, according to reports. The latter caused 246 deaths and approximately US$4.49 billion in damages.

The typhoon has already hit Jeju Island and the Gwangju area in Korea's South Jeolla Province, causing extensive damage to buildings and farms. 

The typhoon is expected to hit Seoul around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon at a speed of 38 meters per second. 

Bolaven’s maximum wind speed is predicted to be 53 meters per second. A wind speed of 44 meters per second “can move not just people but big rocks,” according to a KMA official. 

Given the reports in the local media, the most searched-for keywords on Korea’s major portals have been typhoon-related. Most public schools throughout the country have been closed and the president has called for protective measures. 

Updated info for travelers 

Travel to and from Korea is being heavily impacted.

Airlines started announcing flight delays around 3 p.m. Monday. 

Incheon Airport is not closed yet, but flights have been canceled and the roads leading to Incheon Airport -- Incheon Daegyeo, Yeongjong Daegyeo and the airport train -- are likely to be closed off depending on the wind speed.  

Click here for a list of Incheon Airport's arrivals and departures.  

“We expect airlines to start announcing flight delays around 3 p.m. Monday,” said a Jeju Airport representative on Monday morning. "It depends on each airline however. Some might still fly."

While the storm is expected to last until Wednesday, airport representatives tentatively predict that flight schedules will only be affected until late Tuesday.

Call Dasan Call Center (+82 2 120) for further updates.

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