Incheon Airport keeps thinking it's Las Vegas

Incheon Airport keeps thinking it's Las Vegas

New luxury hotel, shopping mall and casino scheduled to open in 2016
Incheon Airport
The addition of a performance venue adds to Incheon airport's attractiveness for large scale functions and international acts.

We already knew Incheon Airport was a great place to skate, golf and sauna, but we didn't realize that the airport was this serious about providing entertainment for its patrons. 

A luxury hotel, a convention center, a shopping mall, a foreigner-only casino and a massive performance hall have been announced as upcoming additions to Incheon Airport. 

The new venues are slated to be built within the International Business Center located next to the airport's passenger terminal.

The 336,000-square-meter center will be divided into two main areas, IBC-1 and IBC-2.

"IBC-1 will house the hotel and other resort facilities and IBC-2 the entertainment-related facilities," a public relations representative told CNNGo. 

The cost of this massive business development is estimated to be ₩660 billion won, or approximately US$582 million, and will be undertaken by the Paradise Group, a Korean company that owns hotels and casinos in Korea and Kenya. 

The first round of construction is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

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