8 cool gifts for the luxury traveler

8 cool gifts for the luxury traveler

These quirky, stylish and futuristic gifts add fun and bling to traveling

There's never been a better time to be a luxury traveler. 

Airline-coddlingSpectacular new destinationsElitist concierges tripping overthemselves to serve the super-rich. And so many fun things to spend money on while on the road.

Here are eight gift ideas for the traveler who wants it all, on the go. 

They say no man is a hero to his valet. But as long as the pay is good, we're sure they don't complain.

Personal valet 

Hercule Poirot had Georges. Bruce Wayne has Alfred. They may be called by different names these days (personal assistants, nannies, boyfriends) but they still have the same job of carrying out outrageous travel requests while toting luggage and picking up dry cleaning while their employers are on the move. 

“Personal assistants can start at $50,000 a year, but I know one who is making $200,000,” says a London representative of the International Domestic Placement Group, which has offices in Beverly Hills, New York, Boca Raton and London. Looks like that personal assistant can afford to hire her own personal assistant when she travels. 

Worried about stealing/bad work ethics/history of sexual offenses? The Domestic Placement Group runs deep background checks into anyone they hire, and have access to databases all over the world. The minimum contract length is one year. 


For the luxury-loving traveling burlesque dancer in your life ... what do you mean you don't have one?

Travel cocktail bar 

For picky travelers who prefer to make their own drinks anytime, anywhere, on the go, this luxury travel cocktail bar from 160-year-old French liqueur brand Cointreau was made especially for burlesque artist Dita Von Teese, who is apparently Cointreau's idea of a "boundless adventurer."

The vintage-style luxury travel cocktail bar includes a silver shaker, a cocktail spoon, cocktail glass, a bottle of Cointreau and a leather-bound notebook, all neatly packaged into a beautifully made retro hatbox. 

This December, participating hotels in Morgans Hotels Group “My Cointreau Travel Essentials” by Dita Von Teese Package starting at $680. For more information click here

Monogrammed luggage 

Just look at all that extra shopping space.

A surefire way to make sure airport luggage handlers treat your suitcase with care: make sure it’s emblazoned with 150-year-old luxury logos as well as your own initials. 

Goyard’s stamp of luxury dates back to 1853, when the French luggage manufacturer first began crafting portable trunks for the wealthy traveler. 

Famous customers include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Beckhams. 

Crafted out of the lightweight Chevron canvas, the brand's signature Valise Pliable suitcase can be folded to the size of a clutch, for anyone planning to shop while traveling

Approximately $2,600 for classic black. Monogramming starts around $150. 


nikon 1Nikon calls this "the camera of the future."

Travel-friendly cameras 

If a breathtaking view isn’t photographed and uploaded immediately to Facebook, did it really exist? 

The Nikon 1 ($649.95), launched last October, is a sleek, portable style statement that allows you to film a movie while taking a photograph at the same time. Low-light features make for beautiful night photographs, while the anti-glare coating on its screen allows for easy viewing outdoors during the day. 

For the more active, adventurous type of traveler, the waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof COOLPIX AW100 ($379.95) is the spunkier little sibling of the Nikon 1. Scared of getting lost in a terrain with no Wi-Fi or cell reception? It also comes equipped with a GPS and an electronic compass.


solar ipad charger Just don't bring it along during monsoon season.

Solar iPad charger

That the iPad is the quintessential travel accessory (what is the point of a beach if you can’t read your secret e-library of romance novels?) is a fact of life. But without protective casing or power, it turns into an annoyingly breakable and useless travel liability. 

Enter the Spark Tablet Case, which embeds a solar charger into a waterproof lightweight case and will also charge other tablets, phones and digital cameras. 

Cool fact: the shell is made from recycled soda bottles

Not so cool fact: it takes about 10 hours to fully charge an iPad. 

$299; available in silver or black; www.voltaicsystems.com


louis vuitton dog carrierThis would also go on our list of outrageous gifts for your pets.

Designer dog carrier 

If you’re a luxury traveler, even your pet travels in style. 

This Louis Vuitton case totes around the wealthiest of Park Avenue puppies … and probably costs more than the average economy plane ticket. 

Features include durable handles, breathable mesh opening and a washable rug. 

Famous luxury traveling pooches: Jessica Simpson’s Daisy, Miranda Kerr’s Frankie. 

$2,250, www.louisvuitton.com

Luxury helicopter

mercedes This Mercedes chopper seats eight luxury travelers.

Luxury jets and yachts … yawn. 

The newest mode of transport on the luxury travel scene is the first Mercedes-Benz high-end helicopter, a joint collaboration with Eurocopter, Europe’s leading fully-intergrated aeronautical group. 

With the design and elegant lighting expected of the luxury carmaker’s vehicles, think of the EC 145 Mercedes-Benz helicopter as a SL65 that can fly. 

Read more at articles.businessinsider.com

virgin galacticVirgin Galactic, devoted to making every sci-fi geek's travel wishes come true.

Trip to space

Close your eyes and imagine the coolest trip you could possibly make. And keep your eyes closed to get a preview of the view. 

Bookings for the most sci-fi sounding of all vacations are now available, with tickets for the first Virgin Galactic flights priced at $200,000 and deposits starting from $20,000. 

Consult an accredited space agent near you. 


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