Korea launches official foreigner-only national bus tours

Korea launches official foreigner-only national bus tours

Korea on 73 bucks a day? Better believe it. C'mon and do the "K-shuttle"
So maybe being on a bus isn't quite as "Easy Rider" as the movie. But as buses go, the K-shuttle comes with a great deal to great places.

Bed, breakfast, transport, guide and admission tickets -- all for a fistful of Korean won? The latest tourism venture for foreigners in Korea dreamed up by the Visit Korea 2012-2012 Committee (the brains behind the Korea Grand Sale) looks like a pretty good deal.

The “K-shuttle” is a foreigner-only bus that trundles out of Seoul to 10 different cities around the country.

Visitors can choose to go on a package tour or just pay the fare to one of the destinations, which are Busan, Gyeongju, Andong, Wonju, Pyeongchang (host of 2018 Winter Olympics), Gangneung, Buyeo, Jeonju, Gurye and Yeosu, home of Expo 2012.

k-shuttle We like the selections. The two-night-three-day package costs ₩250,000 (approximately US$220) per person and includes accommodation, breakfast, an English-speaking guide, admission fees to various tourist sites including temples and folk villages and of course transportation.

The All Around Korea trips -- lasting five nights/six days -- cost ₩500,000 (approximately US$438) per person.

Reservations must be completed at least five days in advance, and seating is limited to 35 people. The shuttle leaves from Dongwha Duty Free in Gwanghwamun, Seoul every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

K-shuttlers also get a mock passport for souvenir stamping at the various sites en route -- making for a cute keepsake.

The multi-lingual website ("We have translators who speak English ... to try and reduce the inconvenience of poor understandings of different languages.") is an unexpected source of entertainment. K-shuttle service kicks off tomorrow, July 26. There’s no designated seating, so get there early for the window seats.

+82 1899 2508; k-shuttle.com

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