Interview: Kim Yuna on what it takes to win

Interview: Kim Yuna on what it takes to win

The Olympic ice princess tells CNN correspondent Paula Hancocks that sometimes it's hard to wake up in the morning

Even Kim Yuna, 20-year-old beauty, Olympic champion and CF queen finds it hard to wake up in the morning.

The skater says every morning is rough, but she pulls through because she's used to it.

"I always think this is my job … I must do it," she told CNN correspondent Paula Hancocks. "It's nothing special."

It's off-season right now, though, which is why the figure queen can relax a little and wake up as late as 8 a.m., as well as fitting in time to MC the figure skating reality show "Kiss and Cry" on SBS. Before a competition, she trains for six or seven hours a day, six days a week.

Her fans help her pull through. "I get a lot of energy from them always," she said.

Kim Yuna's interview with CNN Talk Asia aired Wednesday June 29. For highlights, click here