Can't find a cab at Gangnam Station? Don't worry, the city will catch one for you

Can't find a cab at Gangnam Station? Don't worry, the city will catch one for you

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From inside a cab at Gangnam Station: You've seen better views, but have you ever been so grateful for one?

There's something about the Gangnam Station area at night that turns Seoul cab drivers into obnoxious, discriminating money-mongerers. 

While hundreds of bar-hoppers stand shivering in the streets, the normally easy-to-get taxis roll down their windows, then breeze right by as if the driver can't hear the desperate yelling. 

Luckily for Seoulites and bewildered travelers, Seoul has decided to take action this month: starting yesterday, nine city workers have been set the sole task of flagging down cabs at Gangnam Station, reported MBN

The idea is that the "Taxi-hailing Patrol" will call for nearby cabs, while the government will subsidize the cab fares. 

Between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. until December 30, the government will pay a subsidy of ₩2,000 for every cab hailed via the patrol, and the private taxi union will chip in another ₩2,000 for private taxis. 

"The helpers will take down the license plate number and destination of where they're going, and the taxi drivers will be reimbursed directly via account transfer or through their companies," said Hye-jin Kim, who is in charge the taxi management division of the government. 

Look for taxi patrol members in bright yellow vests at Gangnam Station Exit 10. Just don't try to tip them -- they're government workers, not doormen. 

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