Singapore Food Festival kicks off at Millennium Seoul Hilton

Singapore Food Festival kicks off at Millennium Seoul Hilton

Buffet Orangerie presents 10 cuisines by two guest chefs from Singapore

Singapore food festival The festival will run through Aug. 31Due to its boring reputation, Singapore tends to be overlooked as a vacation spot by fun-seeking Korean travelers.

Korean foodies however, know that Singaporean cuisine is a different story altogether. 

Starting today for a month, the Millennium Seoul Hilton will be hosting a "Singapore Food Festival" allowing patrons to try dishes from the island republic known as the "paradise of fusion food."

The Festival, which is presented at the hotel's Buffet Orangerie, showcases 10 delectable cuisines including laksa (coconut soup with tofu and rice noodles), bak kut teh (pork rib soup), fried prawns, chili sauce crab and curry.

The hotel invited two chefs, Koh Kwee Huat and Chong Yen Sen from the Orchard Hotel in Singapore, just for the occasion.

"Korean food is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore -- I will reproduce the taste of local Singapore so that Singaporean food, which is unfamiliar to Seoulites, can become popular," said Chef Koh. The two chefs dishes will be available through Aug. 12. 

Lunch buffet costs ₩55,000 for adults and ₩33,000 for children; dinner buffet is ₩60,000 for adults and ₩36,000 for children, tax and service charge included. 

The menu may vary daily. 

August 1-12; Buffet Orangerie, Millennium Seoul Hilton, 395, 5-ga, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu; +82 2 317 3143/3145