Blind Art Restaurant

Blind Art Restaurant

Fine dining in perfect darkness
B1/F 2-49 Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu (광진구 화양동2-49 B1F) +82 2 497 5248
3:40 p.m.-10:40 p.m.
Blind Art Restaurant menu
The menu -- and the themed audio narrative -- change every week.

In a city that never sleeps, the one rarity is true darkness.

Located in a basement, Blind Art Restaurant near Konkuk University serves meals in pitch-black darkness. This means that cameras, mobile phones, and anything with a vaguely reflective or luminous quality is out. 

The idea is to enhance the overall experience of the meal by depriving the diners of the sense of sight. 

Due to the inherent difficulty of being seated and ordering, much less eating, in the dark, the Western-style course meals are served at set times, from a set menu, and only through reservation.

Diners can pick the "Gold" meal for  ₩45,000 or the "Silver" meal for  ₩29,500 ahead of time. Then, after waiting in a dimly lit room, the diners enter the darkness in single file.

Depending on the week, a themed audio narrative plays in the background, urging diners to imagine, for example, that they are in a submarine, or a time machine, or outer space. 

At the end of the meal, those who submit ahead of time can have their love letters, apologies, confessions and the like publicly read out in the dark. 

“We have a lot of younger customers,” says restaurant proprietor Yoo Seung-hoon, and it's not difficult to imagine why. According to the website the experience is for everyone -- families with children and large parties, young and old. 

But in actuality the guests are mostly comprised of young couples.

"It was so couple-oriented," says Yonsei University student Soo Jung Lee, who visited the place recently with a friend. "In the waiting room, it was sort of gross because everyone else was a couple. And they weren’t fun looking couples."  

So maybe the place is a bit too popular with unimaginative couples desperate for date ideas. 

But if you can tolerate these peculiarities, and if you close your eyes to the vaguely politically incorrect name of the place, Blind Art Restaurant delivers the best meal you won't see in Seoul.  

"The darkness was cool," concedes Soo Jung. "And the steak was good."