Revealed for first time: The feng shui of an airplane

Revealed for first time: The feng shui of an airplane

Want to improve your love life? Career? Jetstar tells you exactly where to sit and the best times to fly

Jetstar's feng shui flight wheel. Let the prosperity flow. Want to get rich? Sit in row 6, says Jetstar Asia, which claims to be the world’s first airline to release a study of an aircraft’s feng shui.

In honor of Chinese New Year, the Singapore-based carrier brought in feng shui master David Tong to analyze its fleet of 17 A320s, asking him to look at the planes' energy flows and figure out how passengers can better stack their personal fortune decks when flying.

It’s an obvious marketing ploy -– and dare we say a fun one. 

The campaign's website,, tells you everything from which seat rows will bring you love and luck to the time you should fly based on your zodiac sign.

To get your personalized results, enter your date of birth, gender and what you're looking to improve this year (wealth, health, career, love, friendship). You’ll be advised on the best seats to choose, where to fly (not sure what that has to do with feng shui, but OK) and the best times to fly. 

Jetstar says that while its findings are specific to each individual passenger, there are some popular recommendations for prosperous travel. 

For instance, men traveling for good health should seat themselves in rows 9, 19 or 29. 

Women looking for wealth should choose rows 1, 11 or 21. 

Looking to make new friends? Pick rows 3, 4, 13, 14, 23 or 24. 

In terms of flight times, Jetstar says the early bird is indeed lucky with worms -- between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. to be exact. Those are the hours that will bring the most amount of luck to travelers, says Tong. 

Sounds great. What's feng shui? 

Feng shui literally means "wind water" in Chinese. Dating back more than 3,000 years, it's an ancient belief that energy flows through your surroundings, but it's up to you to harness the "good energy." 

Masters conduct surveys of how to effectively combine the three natural elements -- heaven, earth and man -- so that they work in harmony.

Today it remains big business in much of Asia, with most companies consulting a feng shui master for everything from building design to which day is most auspicious for an opening ceremony.  

It's prevalent in the tourism industry, too.

Casinos are famous for designing their facilities to "suck in" as much prosperity as they can, with everything from logo design to door positioning taken into account.

Gamblers, on the other hand, have their own feng shui guidelines. For instance, if you're on a hot streak, the last thing you should do is get up for a pee break. According to a blog post on Feng Shui Tips, a slang Cantonese word for pee means “to let go of water."

"To the Chinese, water always means money, so if you leave the gambling table to go to the toilet, it is like pouring your money down the drain," says the post. 

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Karla is a digital producer with CNN Travel based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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